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Spinbreak uses the power of music to take you on a one-of-a-kind ride.

Get ready to finish every class pumped with great energy and amazing vibes!

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Access a full library of professional Indoor Cycling classes that caters to all levels! Each class is designed to deliver a no-impact, highly effective full body cardio workout that helps you power up and burn on average 600 calories.

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SpinbreakPLUS is the perfect addition to your training plan: whether you’re looking to tone your body, strengthen your core, build your cardio, improve your recovery rate or clear your head. It’s high energy & low impact... but extremely addictive!

Suitable for all bikes!

We currently use RealRyder bikes, but all our classes can be done on regular indoor cycling bikes too- (Spinning, Peloton, Stages, etc.)

COMING SOON! New videos with classic stationary bikes... Stay tuned!

In the meantime, this video shows you how to adapt our riding positions to all bikes.

Classes in English & Français !

Join the team for an amazing selection of classes both in English and French by motivating, native speakers!

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